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WINkLink is the first comprehensive decentralized oracle on the TRON blockchain. Blockchain is an excellent storage system that does not need any third party for maintenance. It provides users with fantastic features like encryption, traceability, verifiability, and immutability. However, it seems that this great solution suffers from a drawback too. The blockchain does not have access to real-world data. It cannot verify the authenticity of real-world information.

No one would know if a mischievous actor adds wrong information to the distributed ledger. So the WINkLink is a solution that integrates real-world information to blockchain space. So developers can access the real information they might need for running smart contracts.

Here will explain this decentralized oracle and everything you need to know about ut before investing. Read on to find one of the best projects for your next investment.

What is WINkLink?

WINkLink s the first decentralized oracle built on the Tron network. It aims to create an integration between real-world data and blockchain space. This project makes it possible for developers to use real-time data to run smart contracts and their execution.

The real data can be events, banks’ payment systems, weather, and the internet.

How does WINkLink work?

DeFi app developers using WINkLink have access to reliable and stable price feeds. Developers can use real-world data to create unique oracles and use that information for executing smart contracts.

As the WINkLink contracts have access to a more stable and secure source of data, then they are faster than other smart contracts.

Users can participate in the WINkLink network by deploying WINkLink smart contracts and running a node or integrating WINkLink’s pricing feed-in dApp development.

How to use WINkLink?

This oracle’s first and most important use case provides trusted-priced data for decentralized applications. The DeFi applications need to swap tokens and collateralized loans. The WINkLink with the built-in price prediction system is the best oracle they can use.

As more developers join the DeFi ecosystem, more applications need trusted off-chain information. Developers can use weather, sports, betting, and bank information to execute smart contracts and bridge the blockchain industry and the real world.

WIN token

WIN is the governance token of the WINkLink oracle. It is a TRC-20 token based on the Tron blockchain. This token is used for reward payouts, and the payments developer pays for using the data.

WIN holders have governance rights and can vote on future changes in the oracle. There is a 999 billion Win in the market. Suppose you are interested in using decentralized applications integrated with real-world data. In that case, you should know who is not. Investors and participants have waited for so long to have access to real-world information and benefit from the storage space of blockchain the way it is meant to use.

The founders and project team

The following are the core members of the WINkLink team:

  • N Yang with ten years’ experience in Tencent, Weibo, and Qunar.
  • Aiden Luo with operator and managing experience at JoyCrafter and Gameloft.
  • Jacki Li, the main developer of Baidu, experienced in
  • Jp shen with great experience in game development.
  • Along with C Li and experienced developer.
  • MR Lin with five years’ experience in front-end programming.
  • With eight years of experience in Amazon, XY Liu is a server and mobile testing expert.
  • XL Li educated at Central South University is an expert designer and developer in running smart contracts and
  • developing dApps.
  • JL Lv with eight years of experience in developing data collection systems.


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