Earn with HubitEx: A Win-Win Referral System!

Invite your friends to trade on HubitEx and receive up to 30% of their transaction fees as your reward. It's a great opportunity to profit together!

Generate Your Invitation Code or Link:

Specify the percentage of partnership in the referral rewards and receive your unique invitation code or referral link.

Invite Your Friends:

Send or share your invitation code or link with your friends through messaging apps or social networks.

Receive Rewards:

Earn up to 30% of the transaction fees from every friend you invite who makes a purchase. Enjoy the benefits of your referrals!

Earn Income through Referrals

By referring and inviting your friends to trade on Hubitex, you can receive up to 30% of their transaction fees as commission.

Invite your friends and share in the profits of HubitEx.

By inviting and referring your friends to join HubitEx exchange, you can earn up to 30% of their transaction fees as a reward.

When a user enters your referral code during their registration process on HubitEx, you will receive a portion of their transaction fees, up to a maximum of 30%. This percentage can be adjusted, allowing you to offer discounts to your friends by reducing your own share from the 30% reward.

To view and manage your invitation statuses and referral links, please log in to your user account.