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Some believe that cryptocurrency developments will lead to a Cyber Renaissance. Massive technological innovations fuel this Cyber Renaissance. Wilder World is a leading platform in rampant creativity with a Metaverse guided by all the Wilders of the World. With its marketplace, the Wilder World Artist Guild stands ready to lead you to your unique position affording a good view of the metaverse.

What is Wilder World (WILD)?

Wilder World is a decentralized platform designed for artists and creators. The Wilder World platform tools enable creators to showcase their projects and products. Also, Wilder World attempts to be a community-centered platform offering exposure to a virtual reality world. To make this possible, it strives to build cities for exploration. Amusingly, the project built its first city, Wiami, similar to Miami’s famous city. Furthermore, the project team leveraged Ethereum and ZERO technology to make the city on a blockchain. The team has created the city of Wiami to allow users to explore metaverse.

A metaverse is a 3D virtual reality technology characterized by persistent virtual worlds that exist even when not playing. The metaverse includes some 3D artworks to explore the virtual reality system. Players can trade artworks as NFTs and sell them to earn money. Besides, it welcomes art collectors seeking the rarest artwork pieces for their value. Wilder World also aims at democratizing art by providing a new generation of artists and art collectors with access to art markets.

Wilder World contains several in-game games, allowing players to play while earning money. Play-to-earn games are increasingly popular because they allow gamers to find a way to make money. Furthermore, Wilder World focuses on exposing users to NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs, constitute the core part of the Wilder World platform.

Wilder World: roots and history

In 2019, Frank Wilder, Hypno Wilder, Phoenix Wilder, David Waslen, and Andy Lee co-founded Wilder World as a multilayered immersive 3D platform. Wilder World’s headquarter is in San Francisco, CA.

The Wilder World vision is to build out the next version of a decentralized Marvel Studios to bring the world’s top artists together to collaborate on characters, stories, landscapes, and environments. The Wilder World intends to build an aspiring metaverse far beyond what a single artist could create on their own. Wilder World adheres to a simple philosophy to attract the world’s best 3D digital art talents and give birth to the world’s rarest content.

Wilder World built its first project on top of the Zero protocol. This project enhanced the gaming economy by adding tokenized 3D digital art on its VR/AR-enabled platform. The VR/AR-enabled platform transform tokenized 3D digital art into investable assets.

How does Wilder World work?

Wilder World metaverse is a 3D world, working with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Everything is 3-dimensional in the Wilder World game, with many NFTs assets holders. In addition, Wilder World allows interaction with other players in the game. Its players also can acquire property and sell some products in marketplaces. Therefore, it is similar to the real world. Players can join the space to create unique projects, mint, and sell them.

In addition, creators can join the ecosystem to collect rare and captivating artworks. Wilder World provides creatives with a space to meet and interact in the metaverse. Thus, they can build evocative connections needed to create more projects. Wilder World helps 3D artists quickly become part of the Artist Guild, selling their products for tokens. The artists receive payments in a WILD Token when selling artworks.

Marketplaces are centralized, with a body almost controlling all operations. The ecosystem anticipates solving some decentralization problems associated with NFT marketplaces. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Wilder World provides a community-centered platform for sellers and buyers where they can transact through.

Wilder World attempts to solve liquidity issues and bring utility, especially digital products. Liquidity is a problem in the art industry. The growing number of artwork collectors facilitates liquidity when selling an asset. Besides, tokens on Wilder World provide utility for many without utilities NFTs users. For instance, players can drive their car NFTs in the metaverse and even rent them out. The sale in NFTs is not limited to artworks, and users also can sell several items.

Why choose Wilder World?

Wilder World has unfulfilled potential. The natural result of the Wilder World development process is a futuristic look to a new virtual reality world. This development is promising since the company’s interest in the metaverse increases daily. The metaverse affords an excellent opportunity to earn extra income. Besides, users can enjoy the thrills of exploring a new world.

Wilder Wheels is a game in Wiami, similar to Miami’s famous city. Wilder Wheels enable users to race to earn rewards. This race play is a new feature that the WILD Token powers. The users who don’t have cars can easily rent other users’ cars for a limited period. Furthermore, deflationary and inflationary features can increase or decrease market value. Besides, there are over 100 people who contribute to Wilder World’s success.

WILD Token, as a metaverse Token, has multiple applications. This application places it in direct competition with other metaverse ventures. Further, cryptocurrencies’ inherent volatility makes them high-risk investments. The user’s investment portfolio shows that the WILD Token suits their circumstances and risk tolerance. Bitunivex recommends that you estimate the level of risk before investing. Note that you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose.



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