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Sandbox is a virtual platform where players own, make, and monetize their game using the SAND coin. Sandbox is on the Ethereum blockchain network. They aim to provide an immersive metaverse and disrupt the other game makers like Minecraft and Roblox. It wishes to do so by developing the blockchain gaming market. This world uses blockchain and NFTs to empower the players and creators. They want to give the users the power to play a game, craft, share, collect and trade without a central authority. Sandbox creates a decentralized platform by using the power of DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a platform on the Etherum blockchain. Its utility coin is called Sand. This is a gaming platform

metaverse similar to Axie Infinity. Players can buy, sell, build and monetize in their game. There is no one in control of your game, and the system is decentralized.

Decentralized networks aim to put out centralized networks. The central ownership and management in a centralized network take away creators’ rights. Therefore, it aims to disrupt game makers such as Minecraft and Roblox that do not give complete control and ownership to the players.

Players can earn Sand cryptocurrency in the secure copyright platform, which NFTs support. Everything in the game has an irreversible blockchain identifier.

This virtual network uses blockchain and NFTs to give power to creators and users. Non-fungible tokens are an emerging segment in the game market. Each NFT is unique, blended, and not interchangeable.

Sand is a necessary part of this platform, and their team is working on creating procedures that make it tied to the network and its price. Sand is a utility token that works as the basis for trades in this world.

Sandbox use cases

The sand coin has these uses:

1-Players can use it to purchase equipment or customize their Avatar. They can earn Sand during the game.

2-It is a governance coin that lets users take part in governance decisions of the network, using a DAO structure (decentralized autonomous organization).

3-You can stake your Sand and, by doing that, earn more Sands. This is the sole way to earn Gems and Catalysts for creating Asset.

4- Half of the transaction fee (5% of all transaction volume) will be allocated fifty percent to the Foundation and fifty percent to the staking pool as rewards for users.

5-Foundation’s role is to support this world. The Foundation has funded more than 15 games and allowed 100 creators to make NFTs in 2020. The value of metaverse goes up accordingly to the valuation of all games supported by the Foundation.

Sandbox History

The Sand coin has helped put this gaming world on platforms like iOS and Android phones since 2012.

Pixowl launched this network in 2011. Pixowl, Inc. is a cell-phone game development corporation that started working in 2011. Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget co-founded Sandbox.

Arthur Madrid is the CEO at Sandbox and the CEO at Pixowl. Sebastien Borget is the COO of the Sandbox and president of the blockchain game Alliance.

Sandbox future

The Sandbox team claims that they have an ambitious product roadmap. They have a solid team to build a unique virtual world gaming network to control their gaming experience.

They wish to present that blockchain is the lead technology in the gaming market.

They have Sand available for both users and corporations to increase liquidity and availability. It wants to cooperate with the community growth and ecosystem flow.

All creators and players will need to get access to Sand. So, they intend to make it available through many ways with controllable supply tools like getting the Sand coin from multiple exchanges.

The more creators, players, and exchanging Assets come into the community, the more Sands they have to mint and present in the ecosystem. So, the original amount of Sand offered will give an inadequacy effect which reduces the coin accessible per capita and fosters demand. At the same time, the total number of Sand in supply will remain fixed.

Sandbox Game

The Sandbox game is a game for everyone. First, you can get a Land, a digital place in the Sandbox metaverse. Next, you can populate it with assets and games. You can have multiple Lands and combine them to build an Estate. A map is there for you. Catalysts and Assets add empty sockets to the non-fungible tokens that Gems can come into effect and fill.



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