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The advent of cryptocurrencies has made games more than just having fun. Now gamers can make money while enjoying playing games by earning in-game item NFTs and Tokens. Blockchain provides users with transparency, ownership, incentive models, and NFTs for games. Ecosystem offers gamers and games an incubator and Launchpad for blockchain.

What is (SFUND)? Ecosystem has product features and mechanisms. These features support each other and create new benefits for those involved in the ecosystem. The products features and mechanisms are:

  • Funding Pool,
  • Incubator,
  • Community Involvement Programs,
  • Community Involvement Rewards,
  • Staking,
  • Launchpad,
  • Yield Farming,
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO),
  • Solution Partners Program,
  • and Dashboard for a user experience to interact with these systems.

These elements result in win-win situations between those involved in the ecosystem. Ecosystem involvers include entrepreneurs, innovators, and project teams. The other Ecosystem users may consist of Token holders and stakers, community members, treasury and resources, and blockchain ecosystem products and services. Ecosystem presents community-driven feedback and DAO voting as its incubator system mainframe to go through product development cycles. roots and history

Levent Cem Aydan, a Turkish citizen, founded and is its CEO. Having ten years of entrepreneurial experience, he started showing interest in the blockchain ecosystem in 2012. In January 2021, he developed to enable SFUND token holders to vote on projects they wanted to fund.

Seedify intends to allow Seedify owners to own a crypto token, SFUND. SFUND offers its holders voting on projects that are to be funded. However, the crypto holders can merely vote in proportion to their Seedify token holdings on project proposals and critical decisions by Seedify. Over 25,000 people could own SFUND and decide on its investments a year after launch.

How does work? treasury grows by two mechanisms through increased numbers of seed findings, including:

Token allocation from seed-funded projects,
Reserve tokens from the fund pool presented in the tokenomics.

Fund pool works to fund more projects to provide stakers and experts involved in the community programs with more rewards from the funded projects. This mechanism assures a resourceful fund pool to grow ecosystem. places decentralization at its core incubator. Therefore, ecosystem needs profound methodological approaches to create full assistance in the ecosystem environment. has selected an on-chain community voting incubator. Therefore, innovators can release products and services via feedback loops in an expertise-based community. This way, the innovators can access projects that will attract their future communities to get involved in and support. adopts reward mechanisms to offer a joint coalition between project teams and experts in its community.

The ecosystem provides community, entrepreneurs, and innovators willing to become participants with a project selection workflow. First, the applicants should fill out an application form that asks specific questions, including; Project Name, Logo, Category, Description, Website, Team, Whitepaper, and Litepaper. The application form also requires the applicant to provide information on additional documents, links, and Pitch Deck. Additionally, the verification requires information, including contact email (as the website link), contact name, and contact phone number. team reviews the online filled applications and verifies them for prerequisites. Then, the project founders will receive a link to access the dashboard area, where they update their custom page on Project Proposals section. Afterward, they submit their project for public voting. The project is published into the “Upcoming Project Proposals” part with a schedule for DAO voting. Then token holders research and cast their votes.

Why choose

The parties involved in Ecosystem gains mutual advantages through the system’s particular dynamics. provides users with free advisory before, during, and after their IDO.

Historical data show that SFUND is a superb long-term investment. Moreover, intelligent technical analysis updates predictions every 3 minutes with the latest prices. Virtual currencies with good return analysis indicate SFUND is a profitable investment option. On the Launchpad smart contract side, has a fully secure smart contract to host users IDO, with robust features, audited by Certik. Token (SFUND) comes with many utilities and DeFi mechanisms to share the ecosystem benefits with SFUND holders. In addition, during negative market sentiments, Ecosystem does not stop and wait for markets to get better. This stability in the face of market sentiments is because of the system’s various blockchain mechanisms. These mechanisms constitute an ecosystem with a community-driven seed-stage fund, a decentralized incubator, and Launchpad. The project develops involvement mechanisms and community feedback opportunities for blockchain gaming and gamers.



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