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The world of blockchain and distributed head offices offers exciting opportunities for real-world use. The ability to record data permanently and irreversibly, along with blockchain transparency, is one of the features that can be used for a wide range of applications. One of these uses is to record users’ comments, reviews, and reviews about the services of local companies and businesses.

By combining blockchain technology with an efficient and interactive system, financial incentives, and partnerships with companies, the Revain platform seeks to create an “impartial and fair” platform for review.

In this article, we will introduce Revain Crypto (REV) and its functions and features.


In 2017, the initial idea of ​​creating a fair platform where everyone could share their personal experiences with a company providing goods and services was formed.

In August 2017, the Revain team raised $ 8.5 million through the “R” token’s initial public offering to raise initial capital to launch the platform.

Finally, a year later, the platform was launched by a man named Rinate Arsalanov. Revain is now headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

REV uses open-source China blockchain technology as a convenient way to manage customer feedback. Using Blockchain technology, users’ comments are stored in order, and after publishing, changing and deleting them becomes impossible.

Unlike the Bitcoin blockchain, there is no RVN cryptocurrency mining in the REV blockchain. In fact, all tokens are pre-issued immediately. The total number of tokens issued is equal to 1 billion pieces.

One hundred million of them are for project partners, 700 million are for sale, and 200 million are allocated by the development team to meet the specific operational needs.

What is the Revain coin?

REV Digital Currency is a blockchain-based analytics platform that aims to create secure and fair media for customers to post their business opinions. The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure decentralized and secure views.

It also uses artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to prevent misconceptions and help improve business. REV Digital Currency Blockchain does not allow comments to be changed or deleted. It always maintains an original image on the network.

This platform works with two tokens: REV and RVN. Users are paid RVN tokens, the stable currency used within the platform. The REV token is also a foreign token used for exchange and trading. A nonlinear conversion mechanism converts RVN to REV and vice versa.

Revain implements artificial intelligence tools and a manual review system to ensure high-quality reviews. The main features of the protocol are:

Legal Review: Revain uses only original content from a wide range of experts on its website.

Stable system: The protocol runs on two different REV and RVN tokens that allow the system to function smoothly. The RVN token helps facilitate interactions between users on the platform.

Immutable information: The system does not allow ordinary users and developers to edit other users’ information.

How does Revain work?

The system uses incentives – rewards and penalties – to ensure quality and reliable reviews while ensuring transparency in business practices by preventing companies and customers from tampering with the system.

This ultimately leads to higher consumer confidence when using online services for business research. It Creates stronger relationships between businesses and their customers. And it forces businesses to implement customer-friendly business practices, whether the service is a solution or simply more competitive pricing.

What makes Revain unique?

Initially, the platform started with R and RVN tokens. However, on March 26, 2020, he replaced Company R with REV tokens due to the difficulty of integrating them into other blockchains. The tokens currently used on this platform are REV and RVN.

The RVN code is a stablecoin and is platform-only because it has not been released in free circulation. On the other hand, the REV sign is quite tradable. Companies registered on the platform can use the REV token to encourage authors to write reviews.

The REV token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, TRC20, and BEP20. REV is a functional token and is used to reward authors. As of February 2021, 85,061,485,690 REVs are in circulation.

Raven’s future vision

Raven can be a good investment option if you are looking to invest in the digital currency market. For now, if you buy the Revain digital currency for $ 100, you will receive 14633.08REV crypto.

According to forecasts, the value of these cryptocurrencies will increase in the long run. Its price forecast for 2026 for each “REV” is equal to the US $ 0.0218. With a five-year investment in this digital currency, investors are expected to profit more than 219.18%. So, a $ 100 investment in this crypto in 2021 will turn into $ 319 in 2026.



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