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The Reef is a DeFi, NFT, and Gaming-focused Reliable Extensible Efficient Fast Layer-1 Blockchain. It’s built using Substrate Framework and offers excellent scalability, allowing for practically immediate low-cost transactions. It also supports Solidity and EVM, allowing developers to move their DApps from Ethereum with few code changes.

What is Reef?

Reef Finance is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that enables DeFi services and products. It is believed to be the first cross-chain trading platform to work with both centralized and decentralized exchanges while supporting DeFi decentralized apps and giving excellent return rates for traders. Reef Finance also offers the Reef Yield Engine, which uses artificial intelligence to let users engage in smart borrowing and lending, mining, staking, and other activities.

Reef Finance has also established Reef Chain, its own smart contract blockchain. Reef Chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible to allow developers to migrate to Reef Chain and host their Ethereum-based apps on the chain. Reef Chain provides Dapp developers with a wide range of capabilities, scalability, and reasonable costs.

Reef Finance aims to identify the most significant DeFi prospects so that investors and traders may make the most out of their trading endeavors and other DeFi services. With so many tokens, cryptocurrencies, and investment possibilities on the market for blockchain and decentralized finance, it is becoming increasingly vital to simplify these options. Reef Finance does this by bringing fresh opportunities together inside a single ecosystem. REEF is the Reef protocol’s utility token. It serves as the Reef ecosystem’s primary payment mechanism and recognized store of value.

Reef: roots and history

Reef Finance was developed in 2019 by Denko Mancheski, a cryptocurrency expert. Mancheski, born in Macedonia, formerly served as the Chief Technology Officer at Adel, a worldwide cryptocurrency incubator focused on blockchain innovation. Reef’s primary purpose is to make trading easier while avoiding the intricacies of order books.

Mancheski started the project to decrease the barrier to entry for novices and unskilled traders by allowing them to participate in various cryptos with automatic liquidity and yield rewards. The Reef continues to grow and develop while collaborating and merging with other notable DeFi projects.

How does Reef work?

Reef Finance is a cross-chain blockchain platform aiming to take liquidity from several sources. Reef allows cross-chain trading amongst other DeFi platforms, including Aave, Uniswap, Synthetix, and Compound. Reef Finance accomplishes this by enabling customers to choose the most significant potential return rates while maintaining network liquidity. The Reef Basket Engine, which includes the Reef Intelligence Engine and the Reef Smart Yield Engine, allows for cross-chain connectivity with other DeFi platforms.

The Reef Smart Yield Engine, which is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning for improved automation, is meant to produce baskets of digital assets that consumers may invest in while generating a yield.

Users have complete ownership over their tokens and may trade and stake them. The Reef Smart Yield Engine has features that make democratization, decentralization, and community-driven governance easier. Staking, multiple assets, liquidity farming, integrations, and insurance are all supported.

The Reef Intelligence Engine is a data source for the on-chain proxy. The Reef provides customers with real-time data such as asset pricing, live modifications, and liquidity pool operations. The two engines operate together to support the Reef Basket Engine while allowing for yield automation, rebalancing, and crypto-asset allocation.

What are Reef Bonds?

Users can utilize this DeFi initiative to stake one type of token for a set amount of time to farm a different form of token. The Reef-Litentry Bond, issued on Ethereum, was the first of its kind. Thanks to Reef Finance, reef Bonds are now accessible on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why choose REEF?

Reef Finance’s Polkadot-based protocol allows users to access many platforms, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Plasma, Moonbeam, and Avalanche. Users may now access different platforms without setting up additional accounts or passwords. The Reef is a one-of-a-kind concept. It allows users to operate across several chains from a single blockchain environment.

Reef’s uniqueness is demonstrated by its purpose of providing users with network scalability and low fees. In so doing, Reef addresses Ethereum’s otherwise high gas fees and inability to scale adequately in the face of congestion. With other DeFi services like staking, liquidity mining, borrowing, and lending, users may earn the highest income and invest in cryptocurrencies from a single account across several platforms.



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