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Quant technology results from many years of research and development by Gilbert Verdian. He has been working at the UK Treasury and Australia’s Health Department as the Chief Information Security Officer. Verdian was one of the first people in the blockchain industry who realized the importance and potential of DLT’s in solving security-related problems in digital information exchange.

Quant is a leading ecosystem in connectivity and blockchain operating systems. It is a team of recognized DLT analysts with enterprise backgrounds, focusing on interoperability solutions for companies and enterprises. Its main product, a blockchain-based operating system called Overledger, is an API gateway that integrates the underlying blockchains into one single gateway. Quant focuses on enhanced ledger technologies to shift the way organizations and individuals interact with each other.

What is QNT?

QNT is the native token utilized in the Quant ecosystem. Users that require specific network resources would have to pay gateway owners in Quant tokens. Gateway operators can set terms of use and price options for their gateways. Furthermore, users pay a scheduled annual fee in QNT’s to Quant treasury for licensing fees of the Overledger network. Some users require higher priorities in the transaction order. To achieve that, they stake QNT with the treasury.

Quant Overledger

Quant Overledger enterprise ensures connectivity of all systems to any network or DLT, regardless of version or underlying technology. Overledger provides a connection to all DLT’s securely. The team behind it is a selection of highly experienced individuals in enterprise security and nation-level critical systems. Overledger is pretty much compatible with any IT device, and it does not require special skills for installation. It integrates easily with old and new processors, eliminating extra hardware or software installations. Overledger quickly transitions from one generation of systems to the next, with absolutely no need to rewrite DLT applications. Such characteristics make overledger very interesting for big companies and enterprises. They usually prefer minimum required changes in system transitions. We’re still in the early stages of enterprise-level distributed ledger utilization. However, Quant’s overledger facilitates this adoption for companies, and DLT based solutions are gradually gaining popularity.

Overledger Network

Overledger network is an open network connecting public and commercial DLT’s using Overledger DLT gateways. This network makes it possible to connect all major DLT’s and other networks through one API. Developers on Overledger network are identified, and once they’re verified, they become recognizable on the entire network. A combination of methods to secure and encrypt connections ensures that every access on the network can be easily identifiable and that it functions inside the framework of its service owner.

Moreover, Quant’s Cross-DLT technology allows Overledger network to develop entirely new applications. This technology enables applications to span DLT’s, business processes, and organizational system advancements that were technically problematic in the past.

Overledger Community Network

Quant describes Overledger Community Network as its own DLT-Native network. Quant fully hosts and supports this network. It runs alongside Overledger Network and creates a bridge between developers and gateways to discover and promote community plans. All fees and rewards in Overledger Community Network are paid in QNT. Furthermore, members of Overledger Community Network can gain early access to new applications and features on the platform.


SeeQ is a multi-DLT search and analysis system that allows tax authorities, regulatory bodies, and other agencies to gain easy access to transaction patterns more accessible than ever before. Using Overledger, SeeQ compiles a transaction history from all desired DLTs. Then the system abstracts all the results into graphs and analytical tools for front-end SeeQ applications and platforms. This system is available to Overledger customers as an optional mode, and it’s well-integrated within Overledger system.


Some of Quant’s notable partners include:

SIA: A high-tech Italian company that provides banking and financial services has teamed up with Quant to integrate SIAchain infrastructure into Quant’s Overledger to develop DLT-based services.

Oracle: The world’s largest database management company has partnered with Quant for better cloud-based innovations and business growth. On the other side, Quant will also benefit from ORACLE’s expertise in marketing as well as its world-class advisory program.

Amazon: Quant has partnered with Amazon to introduce blockchain interoperability to Amazon web services. This partnership facilitates the interconnection of Amazon networks in more than 190 countries worldwide. Quant has the status of a Technology Partner as part of Amazon’s AWS Partner Network.

Hyperledger: Quant Network has also teamed up with Hyperledger to promote cross-industry blockchain technology and facilitate universal interoperability. Through Overledger, Quant is looking forward to changing how different parts of the digital world connect and interact. Hyperledger is an umbrella project of open-source blockchains and related tools, enabling the business to build industry-specific applications using distributed ledger technology. This collaborative effort encourages the development and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Sale and Supply Information

In 2018, the project held a public sale event in which they managed to sell 9.9MM QNT for a total value of 11MM USD. The current circulating supply of QNT has reached 100%.



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