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Persistence is a protocol that empowers Open Finance for institutions. The project initially set out to improve financing methods used in workplaces with public blockchain and DeFi/OpFi solutions. Persistence plans to solve the problems in this area, enabling new coins and investors to enter the cryptocurrency industry.

Tusgar Aggarwal is the CEO of Persistence. Aggarwal is on Forbes’ Asia list of 30 business people under 30. The Persistence team, which includes experienced names, consists of South Asians.

Persistence bridges DeFi and traditional finance, removing the barriers between them. On the platform, stablecoins can get borrowed with real-world value collateral. In the Persistence system, this purchase takes place in 4 steps. We can list these steps as follows:

  • Real-world values ​​get tokenized using NFTs.
  • Stable coins can get purchased in exchange for tokenized values ​​represented by NFTs.
  • NFTs can be used as collateral to create loans, and stablecoins are easy to borrow.
  • The establishment of the credit pools was to launch fixed-income investments. Thus, debts get converted into shares.

What is XPRT Coin (Persistence)?

Persistence platform, which has a proof-of-stake mechanism and offers advanced crypto money solutions for institutions, enables assets to be paired with stable cryptocurrencies and transfers in the digital environment. Our cryptocurrency and platform, which has a DeFi structure, fully combines traditional financial systems and blockchains. Therefore, large enterprises prefer our crypto money, and thus they can present their assets in the digital world. XPRT Coin is used to do financial management and direct all these transactions.

XPRT Coin, which enables the assets of traditional markets such as commodities and shares are on blockchains with the help of dApps, is also known for its attractive lending and receiving opportunities. Thus, investors also apply to our crypto money to increase their assets. As mentioned above, our platform, which uses the DPoS (Proof of Stake) method on its blockchain, can ensure transactions faster and more reliably. If you want to access more technical information about Persistence systems and XPRT Coin, you can review the Persistence Whitepaper 1.0. The Persistence project aims to improve the opportunities of existing investors in the market and attract more investors to the market by creating a financial system that everyone can access and develop. Our crypto money and its project, which stands out with its decentralized structure, also play an active role in the NFT sector. In addition, because of the loan pools, the possessions of the investors can be under protection more securely. In this content, we will answer the question of what is XPRT Coin and share details such as price, future, comments, statistics with you.

What is the approach of the Persistence Token?

Persistence aims to achieve unprecedented speed and impact in payments and business finance. There are two approaches to achieving this goal. Firstly, Corporate Focus. Thanks to the Comdex dApp for value-based lending, it is possible for institutions to use physical commodities. The other approach is the debt pool, and the advantage it brings with the stablecoin debt platform to crypto money holders have the opportunity to earn real-world returns.

The first important feature of Persistence is value-based lending: In this credit system, borrowers put any value as collateral. Lenders receive a reward at the rate of their loan from the pool. All of these processes s possible on Comdex. Comdex can perform these transactions on its own by matching buyers and sellers with each other.

Another feature is the creation of a debt pool. Finance providers can pool one or more of their regular incomes. In this way, investors protect their value in the long run.

What does Persistence solve?

According to Persistence developers, three points need to get resolved; capital supply, capital demand, and the exponential growth of stablecoins.

As the capital supply increases, interest rates fall. Central banks have the most developed economy; however, they have zero or negative interest rates. According to some reports, central banks hold nearly $13 trillion in negative-yield bonds. So this means that investors who buy these securities are making a loss.

Bank of England economist Paul Shmelzig has recently done extensive research. He studied interest rates from 1311 to 2018. According to Shmelzig, today’s rate cuts are historically dependent on development. At the same time, value classes, political systems, and monetary regimes are the main reasons. It seems that the ever-increasing supply of capital is making it harder to generate returns day by day.

After the increase in the money supply, a total amount of 1.5 trillion financial gaps is considerable. 45% of this gap is in the Asia-Pacific region.

Stablecoins are growing exponentially. The market cap of stablecoins has exceeded $10 billion and continues to rise. It would seem that the supply will continue to increase, and it will be desirable to generate income from this new money.

Persistence plays a role in ensuring the money flow correctly and meeting financial needs. In addition, it will create a new value class for investors and offer a chance to generate income.

Persistence developers believe that the speculation phase of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is over, and the value creation phase has begun. The team firmly believes that blockchain can achieve enough scaling to create a trillion-dollar ecosystem.

XPRT Coin review

Dozens of projects and cryptocurrencies aim to bring together the traditional markets and the crypto money world. XPRT Coin, which does not see much value because it is one of them, actually has a powerful system behind it. That’s why crypto money lovers make their XPRT Coin comments more careful and attentive. Because this crypto money has the potential. Although it already has less impact in the current situation, it performs well for a new cryptocurrency.

XPRT Coin, is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, is moving to the forefront with each passing day. It also manages to increase its demand by allowing more of the assets in the traditional markets to enter its platform. Since it appeals to large companies and organizations rather than small investors, the investments are not small amounts. This issue increases the price volatility of our crypto money and makes it more effective on the markets.



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