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OriginTrail has made serious progress in a short period and has been gaining value in recent days by offering advanced solutions for large enterprises. This project is known for getting new agreements with big companies that seem to get more popularity in the future. In this context, we want to answer the questions about the OriginTrail and share details such as its future, price, comments, and statistics with you.

What is OriginTrail?

Searching for the question “What is the OriginTrail?” has risen to a new record in the past few days. The OriginTrail and Trac Coin project has aimed to provide reliable trading on supply chains for companies and institutions all over the world. Also, they want to make it possible to share data in the best possible way.

A brief history for OriginTrail

OriginTrail, founded in 2011, is based on Ethereum and provides reliable data sharing to global supply chains by using blockchain technology. OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is built for data integrity and validation in cross-enterprise environments based on globally recognized standards and robust graph data structures. OriginTrail is a foundation for next-generation business applications, considering the current usage cases in different industries.

Everything from physical assets like supply chain items to Arts, Diplomas, Certificates, NFTs, Defi, and more can be organized, discovered, and verified. The Decentralized Knowledge Graph enables the world’s data assets to be structured, connected, persistent and comprehensible.

OriginTrail’s application layer

It provides seamless integration for a broad ecosystem of supply chain management tools. Decentralized applications on top of OriginTrail increase efficiency and integrity in supply chain management, insurance, banking, and other industries.

A high-performing, decentralized graph database connects datasets to supply chains. Interoperability is ensured by global standards for data exchange, while sensitive data is protected using a zero-knowledge privacy sub-layer.

OriginTrail’s statistics

OriginTrail has a decentralized network structure called ODN; it is one of the cryptocurrencies developed in the ERC-20 infrastructure. This project aims to manage all the storing, sharing, and organizing data processes with blockchains, in a faster, reliable, and stable data management system, which is the main reason why large enterprises prefer it.

After examining OriginTrail statistics, we can see more clearly how much potential our crypto money has.

Despite its low supply and high market volume, which has not yet reached the desired levels in value, OriginTrail may become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies by making a new attack at any time.

OriginTrail’s total market volume is 500 Million dollars, while the total supply of our cryptocurrency is only 500 Million units; the circulating supplement is 358 Million units. OriginTrail dominates 0.01% of all cryptocurrency markets. As can be seen, it has much better values ​​than similar cryptocurrencies. In addition, since it has small but strong investors instead of a large investor mass, it usually does not suffer huge amounts of loss from its value and statistics.

OriginTrail (Trac Coin) review

Before examining the related comments, it is necessary to know how many followers this cryptocurrency has.

As we mentioned above, despite being preferred by large investors, OriginTrail has managed to reach tens of thousands of new investors in the last few weeks seems to have gained its expected momentum for years. When this is the case, the opinions expressed about it are also positive. Our crypto money, which has been silent for a long time and only works with a few organizations, attracts the attention of many exchanges, platforms, and organizations today. As it provides easy solutions to the problems in the supply chains of companies, it continues to have the potential to increase its awareness by getting into the lens of more people in the future.

Some points about OriginTrail
• OriginTrail recorded an all-time high of $1.13 in October 2021.
• The all-time low of OriginTrail was a recording as $0.00378 in March 2020.
• Today, OriginTrail has very high price volatility because it is in an upward trend and has the potential to make ATH, also it has managed to provide considerable returns to its investors. However, making a clear statement about how long this process will continue is difficult.
• OriginTrail is the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph, is organizing humanity’s assets and making them discoverable, verifiable, and valuable. It connects the physical world (art, healthcare, fashion, education, supply chains, etc.) and the digital world (blockchain, smart contracts, Metaverse & NFTs, and Defi, etc.) in a single connected reality.
• The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, powered by the TRAC utility token and a global network of nodes, and used by leading international organizations, is now ready to bring trillions of assets into the metaverse.
• OriginTrail uses users’ blockchain to provide a layer of data exchangeability protection.

Future of the OriginTrail

It is not easy to say something clear about the future because it is in a new uptrend and to get higher levels every day. Major investors and organizations have trusted the OriginTrail project for years and seem determined not to give up, no matter what.

TRAC Coin, which has increased by more than 26000% from its lowest level to the present day, making many investors rich, is below the value it should be. However, it does not seem difficult to reach the expected value in a few days. However, one day it may suddenly break new records and pave the way to get $2.

Additionally, OriginTrail runs on Ethereum has made the platform extremely versatile. Developers can easily integrate the OriginTrail blockchain into their already existing supply management infrastructure. What TRAC brings to procurement management is lightning-fast secure data sharing. Finally, OriginTrail’s open-source design has also attracted many enterprise developers, as it allows teams of engineers to collaborate internationally.

OriginTrail’s Data Storage

The decentralized graph database is used and has provided the best performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. It enables fast and simple manipulation of complex hierarchical supply chain data.



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