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MOBOX (MBOX) is a play-to-win game. The MOBOX (MBOX) project emerged in August 2021. An international exchange market featured on its Launchpool for new crypto projects. According to data from another popular exchange, its price has increased by over 400% in less than two weeks.

MOBOX is a platform where users can create, trade, and earn non-changeable tokens (NFTs). NFT contains a variety of digital collectibles, from art to sports trading cards. Each is unique because authorship, ownership, and copyright information get encoded in the token.

MOBOX (MBOX) aims to connect each metaverse via NFTs, ushering in the era of NFT interoperability between blockchain games and platforms. Moreover, MOBOX (MBOX) wants to enhance the utility of NFTs of Blockchain game titles and provide additional benefits through various efforts.

What is MOBOX?

The MOBOX (MBOX) ecosystem has been designed to encourage the potential to earn from gaming without compromising the free-to-play concept. From NFT farming to yield farming to blockchain games, anyone can participate in the various games provided by the platform. Additionally, users can stake in liquidity pools or use MoMo NFTs to earn staking rewards paid in local MBOX currency. Staking MBOX tokens can reward unique MoMo NFT Mystery Boxes, creating an extra incentive for users to hold and process local currency.

If one wants to invest in a cryptocurrency, it is crucial to understand what that cryptocurrency does, what problems it tries to solve, and how it compares to its competitors.

What is the MOBOX platform?

The MOBOX (MBOX) platform consists of three main components:

  • NFT market. MoMo is a fully decentralized marketplace solution for trading, renting, and lending NFTs with other ecosystem participants.
  • NFT generator. A toolkit for users who want to create MoMo NFTs using the ERC-721 standard.
  • Game creator. It is a collection of APIs for launching and publishing games on the MBOX platform. Also, developers can easily incorporate MBOX tokens and MoMo NFTs into their games.
  • There were no pre-sales, private investments, or pre-mining at the launch of MOBOX (MBOX). Instead, platform tokens are distributed based on user activity across the ecosystem of features and solutions.

What is the mission of MOBOX?

MOBOX (MBOX), as mentioned above, combines best yield farming DeFi with Gaming NFTs and creates a free-to-play game ecosystem. Using Binance Smart Chain, MOBOX combines cross-chain and cross-platform functionality for NFTs, demonstrating true NFT interoperability.

MOBOX (MBOX) is the native service token used for:

  • Processing of transactions through the NFT gaming platform.
  • Betting for platform bonuses and incentives.
  • It is used for management votes to determine how resources get allocated.

When was MOBOX (MBOX) created?
The MOBOX (MBOX) project was launched in April 2021 and saw a price increase when it was featured on Launchpool by a popular exchange.

Some crypto investors like to start new projects early as they have a better chance of generating outstanding returns. For this reason, other investors prefer to monitor how the project performs over time. There are more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. However, more than 2,000 coins have failed, and many more are losing.

Cryptocurrencies with longer histories are more likely to encounter success in the long run. Choosing projects that you think will perform well in the next 5-10 years ensures that they are not affected by daily price fluctuations in the long run.

What does MOBOX (MBOX) do?

MOBOX (MBOX) calls itself ‘GameFi’. This term is a mixture of ‘Game’ and ‘DeFi (decentralized finance)’. ‘DeFi’ is an umbrella term for various services that remove the middleman from financial transactions.

The project mentioned here is a free play-to-win game. MOBOX users use ‘keys’ to unlock chests and receive random MoMo NFTs to trade. Some MoMos have rare features that make them more valuable. In other words, this means that there is quite a bit of luck involved as there is little control over what type of MoMo can be unlocked.

The best-known play-to-win game right now is Axie Infinity (AXS), which remains one of the top cryptos by revenue, but the challenge with Axie is that it costs significantly to start the game. In contrast, MOBOX (MBOX) states that it is free to play but still requires staking MBOX tokens or other cryptocurrencies to earn key tokens that unlock NFTs. One of these can be purchased to start the game, but of course, it wouldn’t be free then either.

Staking is the DeFi part of GameFi. It works because it can stake cryptocurrencies on other platforms via collateral to earn interest.

It is not easy to see how MOBOX (MBOX) will compete with other play-to-win games with more fun and strategic content. It’s also surprising that a site that says it’s trying to educate people about cryptocurrencies has sweepstakes, random ballot boxes, and lotteries instead of teaching trading strategies.

How does MOBOX (MBOX) work?

The community-driven platform seeks to empower users for engagement and experiences. The MOBOX infrastructure consists of games earned by playing, yield farming of decentralized finance, and the popularity of immutable tokens. It provides access to all these concepts through an ecosystem created to allow users to play for free and earn rewards whenever they are as active as possible.

Local NFTs in MOBOX are called MoMo, and MoMos can be obtained through mystery boxes. Users who receive these NFTs can trade, stake NFTs to collect MBOX tokens, or use them as collateral for other uses in ecosystem games.

One of the core games, called MoMo Token Master, allows players to steal gold coins from friends and enemies by fighting each other. Users on the leaderboard can earn more MBOX tokens without spending any money. MoMo Farmer allows players to collect farms and earn tokens, while Trade Action includes a more educational and competitive weekly risk-free trading competition.

Founders of MOBOX (MBOX)

MOBOX (MBOX) stated that it has a team of more than 30 people “With extensive experience in developing and operating world-renowned social gaming platforms.” There is no available data on the site about the identity of the founders and their extensive experience.

It’s great that they have a whitepaper, but it’s natural to wonder who heads the team and what experience they have. A way to avoid crypto scams or poorly executed projects is to research the people involved.

What makes MOBOX (MBOX) unique?

The combination of DeFi, Blockchain games, and NFTs provides unique opportunities for novice and advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is relatively easy to earn MBOX tokens through various games. It is also interesting that a free-to-play model gets combined with the game to win. The latter concept gains success in different games but often requires an upfront investment. MOBOX (MBOX) takes a different approach by creating an accessible ecosystem.

The MOBOX (MBOX) ecosystem includes gaming tools and NFT creators and invites developers to create and explore different possibilities. There is reliable information you can get from the Bitunivex team.



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