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The Internet growth opened a gate to explore and build a new world, enabling individuals to interact freely. The Internet provides an accessible and decentralized space for cryptocurrencies growth and development. The Mask Network is a decentralized system to provide internet users with secure and private interaction. The Mask Network developers launched it, believing in the power of cryptocurrency to pave the way for a more decentralized and democratic world.

What is Mask Network (MASK)?

Mask Network strongly believes in the ownership economy; as a result, Mask Network introduced a protocol to allow its users to send encrypted messages over Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, it is a bridge between the Internet and a decentralized network running on top. Ethereum hosts Mask Network Token (MASK).

Mask Network is a bridge to link Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, allowing individuals to access the better web within the current mainstream platforms without adopting any API or centralized server. Mask Network’s primary goal is to maximize the freedom of interpretation on social media networks.

Mask Network intends to develop a censorship-resistant, private, and user-friendly network on top of the social networks. The above layers should not rely on the API. Practically, most of the required infrastructure is currently available for great progress in cryptography and other Web 3.0 technology. The required infrastructures include blockchain, decentralized storage, and peer-to-peer networks. Hence, Mask Network is ready to move onto the second stage: developing a decentralized applet ecosystem on top to serve billions.

In addition, Mask Network aims to make this layer user-friendly and developer-friendly to achieve a two-sided network effect. In the meantime, Mask users enjoy a wide range of Dapps, built and introduced by developers. The current high demand attracted a large number of developers. The app ecosystem attracts more people to a better utility. Many social media users decide to use Web 3.0 via Mask Network.

Mask Network has added many functional applets onto Twitter. These well-designed applets enable Twitter users to send encrypted messages, store files permanently, display NFTs, and send crypto payments. Furthermore, users can check the Token information and prices on Twitter. The Mask Network users, using Mask Network light Chrome extension, also can directly trade crypto using fiat while issuing and participating in public offerings.

Mask Network: roots and history:

Suji Yan, the founder of Dimension. im, initially launched Mask Network startup in July 2019. He is also the Mask Network CEO. Currently, Hash Key and Hash Global are co-leaders of Mask Network. Yan has founded Dimension. im.

How does Mask Network work?

The Mask Network adds privacy to the user’s online interactions. The Mask Network provides users with decentralized ground to send encrypted messages, send and receive cryptocurrency, share files, and interact with DApps. Decentralized social media and blockchain are two pillars of Web 3.0. Besides, Mask Network focuses on leveraging market design to raise considerable innovation on web decentralization.

The Mask Network providers seek a solid ground for free online commerce over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. The Mask Network enables users to send and receive cryptocurrencies payments on social media. It also allows sharing and storing files in a decentralized system for more security and a higher degree of protection against data breaches.

Mask Network provides more security and protection compared to cloud-sharing platforms. To this end, the Mask Network secures your interactions by taking your data, encrypting, and then storing it across various nodes. The nodes cannot view the information for the adopted encryption method. This method creates a more responsive network because it keeps all data in redundancy in a decentralized format.

Mask Network launched its primary cryptocurrency, MASK. MASK Token functions in decisive roles in the ecosystem. Further, its primary role is to operate as a cryptocurrency. The MASK holders can send it to anyone across the globe in seconds. It also works as a powerful utility token. Mask Network requires its users to hold MASK to participate in its services and features. Furthermore, the network users must keep MASK Tokens to participate in the Mask Network community voting system. They vote through a decentralized autonomous organization called MaskDAO.

Why choose Mask Network?

Mask Network claims it provides users with self-sovereignty and the right to privacy its network with easy access to billions of users on social media platforms. Mask Network (MASK) brings its users some advantages. Here are some:

The Mask Network protocol provides its users with access to many features. For instance, it allows the users of popular social media platforms to exchange cryptocurrency between accounts. Access to cryptocurrency exchange between accounts is an innovative feature in the crypto community. Mask users can send value across the globe via the social media channels they use. This advanced cryptocurrency exchange feature makes the whole cryptocurrency sending process easier while eliminating all technical obstacles.

The Mask Network protects the user’s accounts from increased censorship. Those social media platforms users who feel disrespected for the imposed censorship or being de-platformed welcome this feature openly. Mask allows users to interact with people more personally, free from centralized censorship. The Mask Network adopts end-to-end encryption systems in its messaging application, giving its users more privacy.



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