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Mango Markets is a decentralized exchange that offers up to 5x leverage for buyers and sellers on the Solana. Because Solana is on the blockchain, it offers lightning-fast and low fees. Mango Markets aims to create an investor and producer-friendly decentralized trading platform and proposes some services which might get provided by centralized exchanges in a decentralized manner that can compete with them.

Mango leverages the power of the high-performance Solana blockchain the decentralized Serum DEX. The Mango Protocol allows users to leverage up to 5x long or short leveraged trading on the Serum decentralized exchange. Users can also earn interest on Margin positions. Mango users save significantly on Serum DEX transaction fees.

Mango Protocol charges zero transaction fees, but the platform has some risks. When a margin account has negative equity, such as 110%, its funds get liquidated; in addition, liquidity providers get provided to get prepared greater than the value of the assets. While these situations may seem unlikely, given Solana’s high speed with such risks, liquidity providers will most likely liquidate the account before its MCR drops below 100%.

Founded by Maximilian Schneider, Mango Markets is a decentralized exchange that offers up to five times leverage for buyers and sellers on the Solana-based Serum exchange.

What is Mango Markets?

Mango Markets is a decentralized exchange that offers up to five times leverage for buyers and sellers on the Solana-based Serum exchange. Mango Markets aims to create a decentralized trading platform that is trader and producer friendly. The first key feature will be fully on-chain margin trading on limit order books alongside perpetual futures that are the main drivers of centralized currency revenue. Mango leverages the power of the high-performance Solana blockchain decentralized Serum DEX.

What is MNGO Token?

MNG is a native cryptocurrency of the Mango Markets platform. The Mango Icon is the first and foremost management icon. Collectively, token holders have the power to upgrade the protocol as they see fit. It is limited only by the checks and balances of the DAO. This matter allows token holders to create incentives to reward participation and drive the use of the protocol.

The core components of the Mango Markets vision are low latency, low transaction costs, and complete decentralization. They believe that all three components are necessary for the project to be viable and that all the three components are finally available in Solana. As a result, Mango Market aims to win the long game in financial services. Low latency makes our tools usable. The low fees make the Mang Market harder to compete. Decentralization makes it difficult for the Mango Market to get killed through central incompetence or malicious intent. Open management, which freely allocates power and wealth to the builders, will attract the best people to build and manage the protocol. Finally, unauthorized nature will allow millions of small experiments to occur, yielding life-changing innovations.

What is Mango (MNGO) Coin?

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Mango Solana blockchain, offering up to 5x leveraged trading for buyers and sellers on the Serum exchange. The native token of the Mango project, which increases its advantages by using the Serum DEX alongside the Solana blockchain, is MNGO Coin.

Developed by the initiatives of Daffy Durairaj and Maximilian Schneider, MNGO is a cryptocurrency that got developed as a management token and makes its users vote on the fate of the protocol.

Purpose and whitepaper of the project

The Mango project aims to combine the liquidity and availability of CeFi with the innovation not allowed by DeFi with lower costs currently not available to the end-user. To achieve the intended purpose, Mango developers proposed margin trading, lending, seamless futures trading, and decentralized governance for the project. You can access the technical details of the Mango project, which is considered very close to realizing the dream of surpassing central financing, in the project whitepaper.

Mango (MNGO) Coin review

Standing out as an investor and producer-friendly decentralized trading platform, Mango Market has set itself as a goal of competing with the service provided by centralized exchanges. The platform, which offers its users the option to open transactions up to 5 times in short and long transactions, offers advantages such as zero transaction fees and the opportunity to earn interest on opened positions. These days, the world is accelerating the transition to decentralized applications; experts think that MNGO Coin will stand out with its advantages.

Future of Mango (MNGO) Coin

The future of the Mango Market is evaluated positively by experts. In the project, where all the advantages of Solana and Serum DEX get utilized, advantages like low latency and zero transaction fees come to the fore. This project can meet the increasing expectations in transaction speed and has the potential of attracting traders more than before. Experts claim that they expect MNGO Coin prices to increase alongside the project development.

What are the advantages of the Mango Market?

Mango (MNGO) Token benefits are listed as follows:

  • Leveraged transactions are open up to five times in short and long positions.
  • Zero transaction fees apply for high transaction speed.
  • Its users have the right to participate in the future of the platform.
  • Interest income can get obtained from the margin positions opened.

What are the disadvantages of the Mango Market?

Mango (MNGO) Token disadvantages are as follows:

  • There is excessive volatility in prices, and this issue causes investors who are considering making new investments to approach the token with a distance.
  • It may be necessary to utilize hardware wallet solutions for secure storage.
  • Since it is not on major cryptocurrency exchanges, it can get traded by a smaller investor base.


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