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Jasmy Coin is a coin that produces artificial intelligence projects in the internet of things field. Its CEO is Kazumasa Sato, the former CEO of Sony Style; the supporter team of the coin is very close friends. It is a coin supported by the Japanese government, and they will agree with Hyundai and Honda. With the start of the Altcoin bull season, it would reach $1. JasmyCoin is on the ERC 20 standard. Not limiting its usability, the token can have a wide variety of purposes.

Jasmy Coin is Japanese Bitcoin; Jasmy is an Ethereum-based token that supports Jasmy, an organization that develops IoT (Internet of Things) platforms. Instead of coordinating device and data networks through centralized servers, Jasmy aims to decentralize the process through edge computing and data storage on IPFS, a decentralized storage network. JASMY can transfer tokens between devices and pay for network services.

What is Jasmy Coin?

The new favorite of crypto money markets has become Jasmy Coin. Many people want to get information about this subject. However, it would be correct to say “Jasmy Token” instead of “Jasmy Coin”. As it is known, the coin is called crypto assets that have their independent blockchain. The token differs because it is already on an existing blockchain. All the details about Binance’s newly listed Jasmy are in our content:

  • Founder and year of establishment. Kunitake Ando / 2020
  • Blockchain. Ethereum
  • Total supply. 50 billion
  • Circulating supply. 4.75 billion
  • Usage. Internet of Things (IoT)

The future of the Jasmy Coin

The sentences in the introductory article on Jasmy’s website include the following:

As the ‘great wave’ of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun to swallow the world, all goods, people, and services are connected over the internet and continue to spread to all areas of human lives. From this ‘great wave’, new goods and services were and will be born, such as car dispatch services, sharing economies such as automated driving and the robotics industry using artificial intelligence, as well as payment-free markets.

Most of today’s network services are under the support of giant platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon. In exchange for using the service for free, it transfers personal data such as the behavioral history of users to the platform. In this way, large amounts of data exchanged over service links such as communication networks and applications are collected, managed, and analyzed only by the central system of the platform and used for various purposes.

Aims of the Jasmy Coin

There have been numerous incidents where data we believed needed to be managed securely due to cyber attacks, system flaws, and human errors leaked with ease. There have also been instances where data tracked, collected, and analyzed from networks has been misused to serve ads or Smart Content that might redirect you to the sites you didn’t want in the first place. The rapidly growing giant platform players are now at a turning point in their strategy.

Our core idea in Jasmy is to deliver personal data to the person it belongs; also to realize a ‘democratization of data that is managed securely. The ‘Jasmy IoT Platform’ will be developed based on this idea. Based on a relationship of trust between companies and customers of the platform, we will establish an environment to exchange data as valuable assets, and we will build a new information age, which is a kind of ‘user-focused new information age’. We are confident we will create a new IoT business model and help Japan re-lead the world in this ‘new information age’.

A brief review on Jasmy Coin

Founded in 2019, Jasmy focuses on the user data protection market. Its purpose is to give the user back control of their data, specifically by offering a decentralized storage system for that data. That’s why the technology developed by Jasmy allows users to choose who they can contact and sell their data. This is a theme that has been in vogue for several years in particular. Therefore, taking the assumption of a partnership between Jasmy and Toyota, the automaker will undertake not to disclose any information about the owner of a connected vehicle without their consent. In this respect, it has a future in terms of technology.

Why is Jasmy coin rising?

The increase in the price of JASMY is mainly due to Jasmy’s new partnership with Line, one of the most popular social networks in Japan. Line, an app used monthly by approximately 80 million Japanese (61% of the population), has higher usage than Twitter and Instagram in this country with 45 and 29 million monthly users.

Jasmy Coin is on the ERC 20 standard. The token can be used by an unspecified number of individuals and businesses to transfer tokens, using digital devices as proof of exchange of value or payment for services. Not limiting its usability, this token can have a wide variety of purposes.

What makes the Jasmy Coin unique?

  • Jasmy is a data marketplace project where users can sell their data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to various businesses. JASMY is a native utility token serving as payment currency on the Jasmy data platform.
  • Jasmy reports that it creates a more secure infrastructure as it enables data exchange in a decentralized way.
  • IoT strategy and management support Jasmy stays in touch with the client company, from product planning to assisting with the introduction of IoT and all other avenues, and generates results through IoT transformation.
  • It can provide IoT devices. IoT system requires an IoT device with functions such as sending and receiving sensor-detected and sensor-measured information and sending and receiving commands for remote controls.
  • IoT platform. Jasmy provides an IoT platform that can securely and effectively manage information sent from IoT devices using its philosophy and cutting-edge blockchain technology.
  • Jasmy League is a community that supports developers who aim to innovate together. Together with developers and thinkers to innovate Japan’s data society, Jasmy is based on the IoT platform and competes with each other.

According to the statements, the project will develop and facilitate content for developers (engineers, business planners).



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