HyperDAO (HDAO) appeared on the stock exchange after the token sale on the OKEx, the giant Bitcoin and altcoin exchange. The coin rallied 350 percent compared to the IEO price on the first trading day on OKEx.

The altcoin, which completed its token sale on OKEx, rallied 350 percent

Bitcoin is continuing its downtrend towards $9,000, which started by breaking the critical $9,550 and $9,350 levels recently. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going through a sharp selloff a newly listed altcoin is dazzling with its performance.

HyperDAO aims to offer decentralized financial services to users globally. HyperDAO will offer financial services such as asset management, crowdfunding, exchange, micro-finance, e-citizenship, banking, and forecasting.

What is HyperDAO (HDAO), and what is its aim?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is becoming a growing trend in blockchain applications. The leading one-stop DeFi platform HyperDAO (HDAO) is a remarkable project in this area. HyperDAO wants to build a fully decentralized financial infrastructure. In addition, HyperDAO developed a microfinance system that enables passive income generation.

HyperDAO aims to establish a complete DeFi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem, providing clients with a decentralized financial infrastructure. DeFi holds openness, fairness, and interconnection. HyperDAO is going to build a financial services ecosystem including collateral-backed stablecoins, decentralized community crowdfunding, decentralized wallets, cloud exchanges, market forecasts, asset management, microfinance, and e-citizen information systems, based on distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

So HyperDAO creates a Stablecoin system. However, HyperDAO Stablecoin is a flexible coin; HyperDAO users could collateralize digital assets in exchange for Hyper. In contrast to the other Stablecoins that are limited to certain fiat currencies, they might appear in different fiat currencies. HyperDAO is launching a digital currency lending service where users can borrow stablecoins from HyperDAO by pledging their digital assets.

Decentralized community crowdfunding

HyperDAO started from a successful blockchain crowdfunding platform that has provided financing for over 70 blockchain projects. The HyperDAO platform, HDAO, is used for project ratings, voting, recommendation, and community self-governance, with more ways of using tokens to come. Users can also participate in project crowdfunding with HDAO.

Participation in HyperDAO is now easier than before

Some exchanges like Bitunivex have made it easy to invest in Jumpstart projects. The new rules are getting implemented for the first time with HyperDAO. Accordingly, users who hold at least 100 OKB per day for five days before the token sale day are now eligible to invest in OKEx Jumpstart projects. As the amount of OKB held in this period increases by 500 and its multiples, it is possible to buy more tokens.

Users do not have to hold tokens every day for five days to invest in HyperDAO before it becomes on the exchange. Those with a total spot trading volume of at least 5 BTC on OKEx will also participate. Likewise, as BTC volume increases, more tokens are available to purchase.

In addition, those with a daily OCD average of at least 100 OCD within these five days will also be able to invest. In other words, someone who received 500 OCD on the last day of February 24, can also participate by reaching an average of 100 per day.

Trading took place two times

The HyperDAO sale took place in two sessions. The first course of the auction was specific to those who got the right to participate by holding OKB; the second session of the sale was specific for the investors who had the right to participate according to their trading volume in the stock market. In the first half-hour session, which started at 07:00 on 25 February 2020, 100,000,000 HDAO started at 08:00 on the same day, and 100,000,000 HDAO distributed in the second session, which lasted for half an hour. Each person received a minimum of 32,000 and a maximum of 400,000 HDAO. The selling price of each HDAO was $0.01.

  • For having a part in the token auctions, the KYC2 authentication must be complete.
  • The Chinese have not participated.
  • The Chinese were not able to participate in the token sale of HDAO, with names of USDT on OKEx. China is
  • among the restricted countries of token sales.

Finally, for gaining detailed information about HyperDAO, refer to the Bitunivex data that offers a transparent, reliable, and one-stop DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem.



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