Faircoin aims to create a stable, global and non-perishable currency. It targets to pave the way for a collective change towards a life based on shared values by creating an innovative glocal economic system from the bottom up in favor of an alternative and post-capitalist model. FairCoin is a medium of exchange. The community determines its value, and it will never devalue. FairCoin’s ongoing revaluation process contributes to the distribution of wealth within the community using Coins. Collaboration, ethics, solidarity, and transparency are factors for creating an acceptable system for all. Developing and using interconnected digital tools (global) and regional networks (local) are essential to our success.

What is Faircoin?

Faircoin belongs to cryptocurrencies and gets traded on various online exchanges. As with Bitcoin, the developers of this coin are basing it on decentralized storage of data. This issue eliminates any chance of hackers accessing sensitive information without permission. The market capitalization of the company behind the coin is currently just under US$40 million. For large investors, this event means they will need to cover the total amount mentioned for the company to get bought. This value is impressive for a currency which only got traded since May 2014. The coin is one of the secret hacks in this segment. Unlike traditional assets like bonds or stocks, many people have never heard of cryptocurrency. I’m not specifically talking about Faircoin. The more familiar the concept of coins is, the more the value per unit is likely to increase. Finally, this currency can provide tangible advantages in payment transactions. It is highly secure, committed to value stability, and anonymous. The Result feature is under consideration when making sensitive or special purchases. After all, not everyone wants their neighbors to know about their online order.

What does Faircoin value?

While Faircoin was still under development, its creators decided on a concept. The coin should not only maximize profits, but it should also be transparent, fair, and open to all interested parties. Looking at today’s business model, it seems that it has achieved all of these goals. This currency is on the active support of the community. All users can make suggestions regarding the future design, such as updates, improvements, or stability. The coin never loses its appeal and keeps the targeted people hooked: Private and honest investors. By the way, their acquisitions are no less fair than the currency itself. After all, the number of exchanges trading this coin is increasing. Fees payable are relatively low and also depend on the amount deposited. The provider believes that they would save a few percent if more Euro coins get converted. Because cryptocurrencies have a variety of usages in different ways, there is less opposition to a large investment. According to experts familiar with the matter, cryptocurrencies could replace traditional fixed-trade payment methods in the future. No other form of payment is this secure, flexible and anonymous.

Currency potential for investment in Faircoin

Studies in international markets show that the potential of crypto money is far from exhausted. So far, experts from the financial or banking sector are investing. If Faircoin’s reputation increases, so will its price per unit. The truth is that; demand is exceeding the supply soon. After all, while many coins are limited to a certain number, the number of interested parties can be very high. Many people might describe cryptocurrencies as pensions. Also, the share of cryptocurrencies in all payment transactions is growing steadily. All these factors make contributions to reaching an even larger audience. While Bitcoin is already quite well known, currency gains have already remained behind. Faircoin has not yet reached this level of development. The more investors the developers’ concept entices, the better the currency. Likewise, the number of stores that accept coins as currency also increases. So far, these are mostly online businesses, but it’s not too far away to switch to fixed commerce. High earning potential is considered in every aspect of this coin.

Coin and community opinion

The reasons why experts generally prefer this coin over other coins are as follows: The person who owns a unit coin has a say. After all, it covers all areas where the currency can get developed further. The collaboration of a large group of people will be beneficial when making important decisions. Instead of centralized decision-making, all supporters can participate in the decision-making process if they wish. The list of achievements so far includes: It is not without reason that Faircoin took this name. It is the official payment tool of the FairCoop platform that deals with fair trade concepts. Sooner or later, producers should not be victims and live well with their income. Transparency is not just a word on this platform; it should be visible to the person. The decisions taken here are within the framework of a democratic process, as in the coin. As the coin becomes big and successful, better ideas from the community are needed. It will be about using the currency in supermarkets and making checkouts simple.

Cryptocurrency and conclusion about this coin

Faircoin is a cryptocurrency that excels in fairness. This currency is part of a network that promotes transparency, democracy, and environmental protection. Fairtrade also plays a central role. Coin knows how to persuade democratic structures, social cooperation, and low price volatility. Besides their role as a means of payment, coins can also be considered an investment. As the awareness of the coin increases in the company, the price per unit will also increase. Doubling of investment capital is not a utopia; it is imaginable. Cryptocurrency will be the currency of the future.

An energy-saving blockchain for fair currency

FairCoin is on an innovative blockchain technology that converted from a ‘Proof-of-Stake’ protocol to a ‘Proof-of-Cooperation’ (PoC) mechanism in July 2017. This currency requires less energy and enables faster transactions, it also brings trust and democratic value even on technical levels. You can find more information about our FairChains project with the White Paper and PoC. Also registering in Bitunivex is a great chance to be an up-to-date trader.



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