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The number of blockchain assets is growing each day. ECOMI is another blockchain asset that follows the NFT. non-fungible tokens of NFTs have great potential. They can be a better replacement for auction houses art galleries. Each piece of art is stored in a smart contract compatible blockchain in this platform. In this way, the NFTs are traceable, and the owner’s information is immutable. ECOMI is a company located in Singapore and created the best digital collectibles globally. Here we will explain a different aspect of this platform; read this article before investing in this project.

What is ECOMI?

The ECOMI created an application called the VeVe. This application acts as a one-stop shop for digital collectibles. Using this application

Using this application, users can experience unique ownership of premium digital collectibles. It is a great marketplace that provides users with Common, rare, and one-of-a-kind digital collective us. The VeVe community has access to this beautiful marketplace.

It seems that digital collectibles and artwork are considered a new class of asset. They provide intellectual property owners the chance to acquire a new piece of art. It’s a new digital landscape containing digital streaming, gaming, in-app purchasing, and art galleries. This market is a multi-billion-dollar market today, and the only thing missing from it was the art and Pop Culture.

The VeVe application, as a blockchain-based digital platform, aims to provide true ownership of digital collectible and community space that enables users to interact with one another. in doing so, the platform needs a specific kind of token called OMI.

The OMI Acts as a medium of exchange. You need to use this token whenever you buy or trade digital collectibles within the platform. So your ownership will be recorded on the blockchain immutably.

OMI Token

OMI Talking is the native token of the ECOMI platform. The total supply off talk enough the platform is 750 billion. OMI is a GO20 or Gochain type of token. It is considered to be a utility token. This means it has a specific purpose, and it should be used for exchanging digital collectibles. But do you know what GO20 is? A GO20 Is a type of token that has been built on the GoChain blockchain. Just like the Ethereum blockchain, which requires you to pay ETH as the gas, you need to pay Go in the Gochain blockchain as well. Whenever you need to spend OMI, you also need to pay the network fee.

OMI origins

To learn more about OMI, you need first to learn ECOMI. ECOMI is a blockchain project and is also a big technology company in Singapore. ECOMI In collaboration with ORBIS, blockchain Technologies created the VeVe application. This marketplace covers digital streaming, gaming, and our purchases. The ECOMI made VeVe at the end of 2020, and it is available for both Android and iOS.

What is OMI coin’s usage?

The essential function of OMI talking is to act as a medium of exchange for the VeVe platform. No other what you want to do on the platform, whether to mint a digital collectible, buy one, or anything else you need to use the native taking off the platform. So it is to say that the OMI token is a utility token. Unlike ERC-20 based token, it is based on the GoChian blockchain. The GoCahin blockchain uses Proof-of-Reputation or PoR instead of Proof-of-Stake. GoChian nodes build their reputation by the level of their participation, transactions and token staked.

VeVe Overview

VeVe is an application that allows people to buy and sell digital collectible and other wave troll items. It has several different features, but the central core of the application is a simple marketplace. Users can demonstrate their collectibles in an auction through augmented reality.

It is not the application’s only function; VeVe has other features such as gamification and provides the necessary infrastructure for applications to interact with one another. You need OMI for transactions, staking, access to premium features, and doing everything on this platform.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

The most important and attractive feature of the VeVe application is digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens. In fact, without using the blockchain component, the VeVe will utilize its NFT standard. The NFT standard provides authenticity, scarcity, and proof of ownership.



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