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Dvision Network is a new virtual reality content ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to utilize the VR-blockchain convergence’s strengths. Dvision Network introduces a new virtual reality environment where people may live comfortably at the heart of the ICT-based fourth industrial revolution.

What is Dvision Network?

The Dvision Network is a blockchain-based VR content ecosystem supporting the NFT virtual reality marketplace. At the heart of the ICT-based fourth industrial revolution, Dvision Network delivers a new virtual reality environment in which humanity may live a prosperous existence. To be more specific, Dvision features three central platform pillars, which may be summarized as follows: an NFT marketplace (VR-Market) where you can also manufacture and sell one-of-a-kind goods; Collection of VR-Spaces (VR-City), that is, a public VR world where you can enjoy the Metaverse with other users; Tailored Virtual Reality (VR-Space), where you can customize and acquire the virtual space.

Transparency in the Dvision Network’s ecosystem

The underlying network that creates the entire ecosystem is known as the Division Network. The Division Network is a payment system that ensures transaction security and transparency.

Participants in the Division Network Metaverse cannot mislead or fabricate information because a fee is charged for the content material exercise. This ensures the program’s safety and transparency.

The Dvision network uses a blockchain-based network to prevent the potential of information fabrication and uses intelligent contracts to allow Dvision network users to earn commensurate benefits for their efforts without the need for additional sophisticated system costs.

Dvision Network’s native token

On the Dvision platform, Token Division Network (DVI) is a utility token that users can utilize to buy items, bid on content, and pay for it.

DVI is obtained via a cryptocurrency exchange by the Dvision Network ecosystem members. It may also be gained as a kind of remuneration or cash flow due to ecosystem contributions and platform activities.

Participants in Division Network must have a certain amount of DVI to join; nonetheless, they will have the opportunity to engage in various events. A cycle of efficiency begins to rotate near DVI as the ecosystem and platform expand on their own and varied content material features are designed.

Dvision Network: limited-edition NFTs

Dvision Network released five limited-edition NFTs in March 2021. The company used avatars of renowned cryptocurrency industry executives to create the NFT characters. They were auctioned off on NFT Marketplaces.

These NFTs characters, according to Dvision, can be utilized in both the Dvision metaverse and alternative NFT markets. Dvision network also gave DVI tokens to customers who purchased the limited edition NFTs.

How does Dvision Network work?

Dvision Network is a virtual environment where users may create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without requiring technical knowledge. Dvision’s VR technology opens the door to a virtual paradise for creators, where anybody may make NFTs and sell them depending on rarity and demand.

Dvision’s built-in creator dashboard allows users to create bespoke avatars, apparel, land plots, houses, furniture, and more. In contrast, other platforms require technical know-how to mint NFTs.

However, in networks like Ethereum, creating NFTs is frequently accompanied by transaction costs.

Dvision has looked to a few eco-friendly blockchains that offer immediate, free NFT transactions to tackle this problem. In so doing, Dvision aims to enable users to design a customized metaverse without hefty costs.

The following are the elements that make up the Dvision metaverse:

  • Meta-City (High-Quality Content): A public location where you may hang out and participate in metaverse activities like gaming, shopping, learning, and visiting various exhibitions.
  • Meta-Space (Tailored Virtual Space): This platform allows company owners, designers, store owners, and other users to build a customized virtual space based on their preferences.
  • NFT Market (Ecosystem Expansion): A multi-chain platform where you may exchange your assets with other Dvision members on your preferred blockchain.
  • Users are rewarded as they progress through the game. Suppose users are engaged in the Dvision ecosystem’s NFT economy as creators and traders and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. In that case, they will again be compensated with DVI.

Why choose DVI?

Dvision is addressing widespread challenges in the Metaverse and Virtual Reality marketplaces, such as proof of ownership concerns, unequal profit distributions, and the lack of integrated platforms for such games.

Dvision can also address the user experience difficulties frequently connected with blockchain technology, making it economical and straightforward for creators to create!

What makes DVI special?

When you’re fully absorbed in the game, the genuine Dvision metaverse experience begins.

After creating an avatar, you may enter the game’s lobby and take flight as you glide over corridors and landmarks, or you can walk around the grounds.

The Dvision Metaverse is about more than just watching VR on a screen. You may use your avatar to interact with and enjoy the virtual world while also producing value for your NFTs, which can be sold and swapped in the real world.

The game awakens your five senses as you enter your virtual world, drawing you further into the realm of creativity and invention. You may attend actual “virtual conferences” and play games developed by other users.

You may also engage with all of the VR features, like operating or giving orders and utilizing actual equipment, blurring the barriers between fantasy and reality even more.

Above all, Dvision will provide you with a distinct social environment to construct and enjoy alongside other gamers, friends, and family in the Metaverse as you create your own virtual macrocosm and immerse yourself in VR.



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