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Digital currencies retain the feature of being decentralized. Institutions like a government or central bank cannot control them, and various computers, networks, and nodes control them. This decentralized status offers virtual currencies some levels of privacy and security unavailable to traditional currencies and their transactions. A group of developers promoted a decentralized autonomous organization known as DAO.

What is DAO Maker (DAO)?

DAO maker as a crypto project Launchpad creates SaaS solutions for promising and growing crypto startups. This platform’s flagship product is the DAO pad. The DAO pad is a multi-dynamic investment platform enabling DAO token holders to participate in every early-stage pre-token sale for upcoming crypto projects. DAO Maker (do not confuse with Maker DAO) is a blockchain project behind some of the most successful projects, including Orion Protocol, My Neighbor Alice, LaunchX, and DAFI Protocol. In addition, the DAO Maker provides nascent blockchain-based projects with services, including incubation services, operations, and advisory services, and its flagship product: social mining.

The platform social mining rewards the value-adding community member with their native Token to foster awareness, motivate participation, increase liquidity and raise the number of holders. The platform uses the native utility token DAO to participate in token sales on the DAO Pad platform. The Token holders can also stake them to profit from one of DAO Maker’s vaults. The users also can use the Token for community governance.

DAO Maker: roots and history

In 2019, Christoph Zaknun (CEO) and Giorgio Marciano (CTO) were co-founders of DAO Maker in a DAO Tokens sale event to exchange Ether cryptocurrencies. They were joined by other staff, a former lecturer in Mathematics and experienced business strategist, Hassan Sheikh (CMO). The DAO maker provider organization helps in investing and directing the venture capital firm by utilizing the concept of crowdfunding efforts.

How Does DAO Maker Work?

DAO Maker is a current blockchain project Launchpad. It requires the users to lock up a fixed minimum number of its Token, DAO, to participate in launches. The users receive DAO powers by staking a specific DAO in DAO Maker’s vaults. The DAO power is tripled if users stake DAO-USDC Uniswap LP tokens instead. The DAO staking users also earn a yield of a selected project token, e.g., Evolution (EVN), Yield Protocol (YIELD), Open Ocean (OOE), or else.

The DAO power holders can participate in DAO Maker’s robust holder offerings (SHOs), SEED sales, or Dynamic Coin Offerings (DYCOs). Dynamic Coin Offerings (DYCOs) is a partially refundable token sale method. Users allocate DAO power to the sale they intend to contribute. This allocation enters them into a lottery. The users with more DAO power allocated win more.

The participation slot user winners’ allocation is automatically funded by their USD Coin (USDC) balance with their DAO power locked for ten days. After the ten-day lock, DAO power resets. In the meantime, failed users can spend their DAO power again immediately. DAO Maker develops a new flagship product, namely Venture Bonds. Venture Bonds allow users to buy bonds from startups. Then, DAO Maker deploys their funds to over-collateralized DeFi and CeFi lending markets to earn a yield. The startups use this yield to finance their growth and development. At the same time, bond buyers can earn project tokens or equity in return.

Why Choose DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is famous for the DAO Pad and DAO Maker Token (DAO). DAO Maker enjoys unique features distinguishing it from other platforms, including quality, large allocations, incubation, accessibility, and non-inflative.

Quality: DAO Maker is experienced in the blockchain space (since 2017), familiar with many blockchain projects. DAO Maker working with many startups at the development level, has provided the platform team with a profound understanding of the requirements for a successful product.

Large Allocations: Many users are waiting to participate in IDOs. Therefore, many Launchpad attempts to pick more participants by relatively low per-person allocations. In return, the user’s return from each project is low. However, DAO Maker focuses on a relatively high allocation percentage.

Incubation: DAO Maker provides a range of services to many of its hosted projects to maximize their success. DAO Maker modifies its tokenomics to be more sustainable, supportive to community building, tracing market makers, and exchange partnerships. It also provides users with a variety of other advisory services.

Accessibility: DAO Maker provides users with an easy early-stage investments process accessing through a single entry route of the DAO token. The DAO Token holders can enter the lottery with a fully verified account of staked with at least 500 DAO Tokens to win a slot in their selected project.

Non-inflative: The total DAO token supply is 312 million with no increase. However, DAO Maker ecosystem partners contribute to the rewards provided by each yield vault.



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