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We are familiar with the fact that central was exchanges or prone to hacks. That is why there are so many decentralized exchanges all around the world these days. One of the best-decentralized exchanges on the blockchain is called 0x Protocol. Blockchain developers can use the infrastructure of this Protocol to create a P2P exchange for Ethereum based tokens and assets.

In fact, for every DeFi project that needs exchange functionality, the developer needs to use the 0x Protocol. So if you are looking for a place to trade ERC-20 tokens, 0x and Bitunivex is the best action for you. Stay tuned to learn everything about this decentralized exchange and start reading today.

History of 0x

Everything began in October 2016 when Will Warren and Amir Bandeali co-founded the 0x. Play wanted to produce a board that every property calling Fiat currencies, stocks, gold, precious metals, and digital gaming items could represent as a token on the Ethereum network. But later, due to the large functionality gap, they launched a decentralized exchange.

The Fintech Blockchain Group, Pantera, Polychain Capital, Jen advisors, and Blockchain capital founded it. William Warren is the CEO, and Amir Bandeali is the CTO.

What is 0x?

0x is a decentralized exchange that enables peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum based tokens. This exchange is built through 0x Protocol. 0x Protocol is an open protocol that provides blockchain developers to create P2P exchanges of assets on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

This Protocol has the necessary infrastructure for the emerging cryptocurrency economy. It provides the market with usability that didn’t exist before. 0x Protocol Is not a decentralized exchange but allows developers to create decentralized exchanges.

Many exchanges are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, but not all of them are as fast as they should be because there are people who might make thousands of transactions each day. For every transaction to be processed in the 0x, there is no need for verification. But the Protocol uses a feature called sidechains.

Sidechains are open twitch protocol that anyone can see what is happening. Every transaction is processed in these exchanges without an intermediary to verify the transaction. Thanks to smart contracts, it can perform various functions, and it’s compatible with erc20 tokens, which are Ethereum-based. It means the portico is compatible with all the existing tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does 0x work?

As we have said earlier, 0x is a decentralized exchange for transferring ERC-20 tokens. To understand the functions and the use cases of this exchange is better to continue reading.

  • Decentralized governance
    0x Allows developers to launch decentralized exchanges and create governance tokens. It means every organization can operate autonomously.
  • Decentralized loans
    It is possible to complete a liquid market for buying and selling with loans in 0x Protocol.

You must sign the trade with your signature and upload the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain whenever you need to accept a trade first. The 0x Protocol uses a system of relayers to match up the orders. And they are paid in 0x’s governance token ZRX for every transaction they manage to complete. This token is used for paying relayers and incentives them.

The vision and goal of 0x

Due to the vast opportunity on Ethereum, several tokens have been built. Many of them use the ERC-20 standard. 0x is designed to create a market for these tokens, so everyone can easily exchange them for one another.

0x Protocol aims to create the necessary infrastructure for building decentralized exchanges and making Ethereum-based assets more accessible. The creators want to develop a tokenized world that lets every value flow freely.

Pros and cons of 0x

In this section, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of 0x. Some of the potential benefits of 0x are as follows:

  • Scalability
    As the 0x network is using sidechains, unnecessary data are kept off-chain. So the number of trades increases without slowing down the network.
  • Decentralization
    In this type of trading, there is no need to trust a third party.
  • Transparent
    0x Protocol is an open-source platform, so anyone can check the code.

The disadvantages of the Protocol are as follows as well:

  • code -Based
    As there is no need to use a third party, no one is responsible for possible problems. The platform uses a multi-signature system to keep the investment safe.
  • Illiquid
    The decentralized exchange does not have a large user number yet, so it might not be easy to get the trades for obscure tokens done.


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